Cinema Lab is a bilingual, multidisciplinary, international production team dedicated to fearlessly revealing unique and untold stories.

Our production house offers the best ratio between production costs and production values in the US market through an international co-production with crew members and allies in based in Miami and Latin America.

In 2003 our hobby became our job when we started to provide video editing, graphic design, film scoring & sound designing services. Since then we haven’t stopped. Today we have four feature films, several coproductions, five shorts, two broadcasted TV series and many oncoming international projects to develop.


Audiovisual production company Musical Lab C.A. was founded in 2004, in Caracas, Venezuela, by Vladimir Sosnowski and Charles Martínez. It was created as a company mainly dedicated to the editing, animation, music composition and sound design for the field of film production (Machera, A Robin Hood of Mérida- 2008, Almost a miracle- 2009, The Silence of the flies- 2013) and for the conceptualization and production of image and advertisement campaigns and TV series (Historias del más acá -Stories from the near side- 2011).

In 2013, colleagues from different disciplines joined the team (Luis Olivares, Alejandro Palma, Rafael Olivares), each of them with wide experience and quite differentiated profiles, but with a common vision, thus defining the working experience, now as a collective, with a new legal entity called Cinema Lab Productores.


Director - Executive Producer

Charles Martinez is a producer, director, and screenwriter. Besides advertising spots and music videos, he has authored fiction short films and feature documentaries such as “Conquering the fort” broadcasted in 15 countries. He produces both narrative and documentary features such as “The silence of the flies” premiered in IDFA 2013 and “Translucido” and “American Thief” filmed in NYC between 2015 and 2017. Most recently has worked for New Element media in Oliver Stone's “The Putin Interviews” and the documentary serie “OPEC: the untold story”


Post Production - DP

Cinematographer and PostProducer (Editor, Motion Graphics, Colorist, VFX Artist & Producer). Studies sound engineering and music production in T.A.S, Ccs-Venezuela, since 1999. Participates in different film and television projects, documentary films, music video and advertising campaigns.


Graphic Designer - Illustrator

Illustrator and graphic artist. Responsible for the conceptualization and design of important advertising campaigns and independent projects. Under the pseudonym "VitaminaFunk" presents his illustration and urban art works (vitaminafunk.com). Currently working as art director of printed and audiovisual projects.


Director - Developer

Rafael Olivares studied maths, computer sciences at Central University of Venezuela in Caracas and film direction Cinema University FUC in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age, he has combined his programming knowledge to develop a big variety of websites and Apps like Xpik™. Meanwhile has led the creative process of advertising campaigns, and directed and edited music videos, advertising spots, documentaries, short films and TV shows.